What Bob Does

Dr. Emiliani is a professor of Lean management at a university in Connecticut. Prior to joining academia, he worked in industry for 15 years. He conducts research in the fields of leadership and management, and is a pioneer of both Lean leadership and Lean teaching. He is a prolific author, historian of Lean management, and Lean practitioner. As someone employed in the “helping profession” called teaching, he helps people understand what Lean leadership is and how to become a capable Lean leader.

Bob helps organizations by: 1) Facilitating a unique Lean leadership workshop, 2) Assisting in the development of Lean leadership training programs, 3) Speaking at company meetings, and 4) Lean leadership coaching. Contact me for more information.


“Bob credentials are more impressive than most, with a PhD in Engineering, experience as a manager
of engineering, operations, and supply chain at Pratt & Whitney, and a professor at a university.”

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