Lean Big Shot:

“Please keep writing those terrific weekly posts.”

Bob Emiliani:

“So you like my weekly blog posts? They seem to be upsetting some people. Why not you?”

Lean Big Shot:

“Of course your posts upset people — you’re opinionated, contrarian, and aggressively attack what you see as bullshit in the lean community. They don’t bother me because:

(1) I think you are, for the most part, right;

(2) I think that there’s more than one road to enlightenment, so that slavishly following Toyota’s actions without understanding the overarching principles is the road to failure; and

(3) It’s refreshing to have a voice in the community that doesn’t parrot the same platitudes and nostrums that everyone else is bloviating about. That doesn’t mean that I agree all the time, but I really respect the intellectual rigor of your thinking.”

Bob Emiliani:

“Wow, I had no idea I was such an asshole. Thanks for the honest and detailed feedback. It’s hard to come by. I like to think my bog posts have some entertainment value as well. Hopefully some people laugh.”

Lean Leader at Company B:

“I really enjoy your posts and find them unique, as they go deep and spell out things that otherwise wouldn’t be exposed. In the same time, they help me clear up things in my head to draw better cause-and-effect links into why Fake Lean is so widespread. Thank you again, the Lean community definitely needs your voice!”

Bob Emiliani

“Thank you very much for the feedback. I’m glad they help you clear things up… that’s the intent for me as well.

While the Lean community may need my voice, it’s clear to me the big names in Lean don’t want it. Their reaction to my blog posts over the last year have been resoundingly negative. As a result, it seems I have become persona non grata (‘an unwelcome person’) among the big names. And I mean, literally, ‘an unwelcome person.’ What does that say about them?”

Lean Leader at Company B:

“As far as the big names… business wouldn’t be good for them. Independent voices are always needed.”

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