Corporate Event Speaking

“We selected you out of a pool of many candidates to speak at our meeting for four reasons: 1) you’re a great speaker, 2) you know how to handle executives, 3) you have hands on Lean experience in different types of businesses and applications, and 4) you are the top researcher in Lean. Your credibility is unimpeachable.” – HR Vice President, Fortune 500 company

Bob Emiliani is available on a limited basis to speak at corporate meetings or senior management retreats. His entertaining, high-energy presentation style, and vast knowledge of Lean management is highly regarded. He has spoken at corporate meetings and conferences in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Canada, and the Unites States.

Bob-E-Sessionc_square_web_300Here is what people have to say:

“Great speaker. Easy to understand. Used relevant examples.”
“Interactive and informative. A lot of information to use back at work.”
“Slides were clean, simple, and easy to understand.”
“Highly engaging. Knowledge is broad and deep. Very practical in his approach.”
“He communicates really well. He’s humble and down-to-earth.”
“Very well though-out and clear presentation.”
“Challenges his audience to think and learn. Good use of real-life examples. Many takeaways.”
“Very knowledgeable. Good delivery and content. Excellent analogies. Easily translated to my company.”

Whether the audience is 10 or 750 people, well-versed in Lean or not, Bob explains Lean leadership in unique, original, and entertaining ways that are easy to understand.

Speaking engagements are normally delivered in-person, but can also be delivered via Skype. One-on-one or small group executive coaching is also available upon request. Contact Bob to check availability for your event.