Hey Lean leaders! Have you ever given a presentation at a Lean conference and had John Seddon publicly belittle and demean your fine work and you as a person? Were you angry and frustrated, as John hoped you would be?

Don’t ever let that happen to again. Now, you can buy an Emergency Intervention Kit to use when you encounter John Seddon. In addition to conferences, the Emergency Intervention Kit can be used for panel discussions, expert convenings, dinner parties, small group meetings, your place of work, or anywhere else you think you might run into John Seddon.

One anonymous big-name Lean leader (Jeff Liker) is head-over-heels in love with this new practical countermeasure: “I purchased six Emergency Intervention Kits and deployed them in strategic locations around the globe. Thank you Bob! I will never again be caught with my pants down!” The kit consists of the 23 essential items for a successful John Seddon intervention:








The Emergency Intervention Kit also comes with standardized work instructions, which, if precisely followed, will leave you happy and content compared to your previous encounter.








Buy now! Only $99! Hurry, supplies are limited. FREE shipping. But wait, there’s more! If you buy within the next 24 hours, you’ll receive a special bonus: A fabulous one size fits all T-shirt emblazoned with these immortal words:









Seller does not guarantee effectiveness of Emergency Intervention Kit. User assumes all risks. T-shirt wearers may experience ridicule. No refunds or exchanges. A portion of sales goes to the non-profit Battered Lean Leaders Foundation.

April Fools!

Special thanks to JS for being a good sport on this day of pranks. Cheers!

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