Customers and Endorsements

I am happy to share with you some of the many customers that I have had the pleasure to serve over the years, as well as endorsements from people who have experienced my corporate speaking, Lean leadership training, or books that I have authored:

“Bob has had a major impact on our journey towards a Lean way of managing our business. His thoughts about Lean leadership in general and specifically the way he defines real vs fake Lean has helped us to do the right thing. The first time he talked to our senior management team and gave us a solid base for our journey, and later on he was the main speaker at our Lean leadership conference talking to all our 750 managers. He makes Lean leadership understandable and fun. I strongly recommend you to listen to Bob – he delivers top value.” — Stefan Blom, Head of Lean Development Council, Swedish Social Insurance Agency

“The thing that is most impressive to me is that Bob really gets it. He really understands what Lean is all about. Most people don’t.” — Art Byrne, CEO if The Wiremold Company (retired) and author of The Lean Turnaround.

“Bob Emiliani is one of a small number of authors about Lean who really understands the human side. Through his experience and seeing a true Lean enterprise develop at Wiremold, Bob gained a deep appreciation for the role of leadership and what makes Lean leadership somewhat distinctive from the usual descriptions of effective leaders. He has a very practical viewpoint and can write for the executive level or the working level that applies the most basic Lean tools.” — Jeff Liker, Professor, University of Michigan, and author of The Toyota Way

“It has been over a year since our team of Human Resource managers first heard Bob and then brought him in to speak to our larger leadership team. Bob crisply describes the culture that is needed to allow lean to grow and flourish in an organization.  Not only did his message resonate with our leaders then, but a year later we recognize even more the importance of leaders in enabling a continuous improvement culture to flourish.” — Kerry Arent, Senior Vice President Human Resources, Appvion, Inc.

“Bob has made a significant contribution to the Lean movement through his books and support for those embarking on their Lean journeys.” — Daniel Jones, Chairman, Lean Enterprise Academy

“Bob Emiliani is an original thinker in the Lean world. His provocative and enlightening books are cutting new ground in what it means to be a truly Lean organization – in a world of what Bob would call “fake Lean.” We use his books regularly as pre-reading with our clients.” — Brian Maskell, President, BMA Inc. and author of Practical Lean Accounting

“Bob is a true thought leader in the Lean leadership space. His writing is passionate and provocative, stretching us to consider the implications of the Lean philosophy and practice as it touches on various aspects of society, economy, politics and management. I look forward greatly to each of his new books.” — Jon Miller, CEO, Kaizen Institute, and author of Creating a Kaizen Culture

“‘Shingijutsu’ or ‘New Technology’ was taught to me by students of Taiichi Ohno… Mr. Iwata, Mr. Nakao and Mr.Takenaka… I was most fortunate to be one of their students. Bob Emiliani is a master at teaching Lean philosophies and is on the same level as these first instructors…” — Bob Butler, former TI Automotive Manager

“While at Nationwide Insurance, I hired Bob several times to come and speak with my team about Lean. He helped to inspire the team about Lean and he was crucial to kick-starting our multi-year journey of continuous improvement and development of a learning culture. If you are considering Lean for IT, then I highly recommend that you consider bringing Bob in to educate your organization about Lean and the development of a culture of learning.” — Joel Spieth, Senior Vice President, IT Operations

“Bob is an excellent and original speaker on the subject of Lean and leadership. He has a down-to-earth approach to this subject when most other tend to dramatize. I doubt you can find anyone who is more committed and professional in his approach. We are grateful that we had the opportunity to work with Bob and hope to do it again.” — Marcus Toremar, Lean Manager, Swedish Migration Board

“I worked with Bob to design and deliver a customized series of Executive Lean Management training for me and my staff as we led what has become a very successful and sustained Lean transformation. I consider that training, occurring in mid-transformation, as one of the keys to our success as we moved from transition to sustainment. Although Bob would take exception to being termed an “expert,” I personally consider him one of the foremost experts on the theory and practice of Lean management and highly recommend his management training and his books to anyone who wants to make the transition from Fake Lean to Real Lean.” — John Kornegay, President, Kamatics

“Bob was hired an advisor to the Global Lean Transformation program at Genzyme that I lead. As most who know Lean are aware, Bob is a terrific author. In addition, he is also a very good business advisor. Unlike many transactional Lean consultants (who typically focus on “events” and co-dependancy), Bob’s approach is right-sized, principles-based, and practical. Whether a Lean newbie or a super-sensei, everyone has something to learn from working with Bob. I highly endorse Bob for executive coaching and Lean program consultation work.” — Frank Sivo, Director Global Operational Excellence, Genzyme

“I have hired Bob to help our organization understand and internalize the principles of Lean management and embed it into our culture. Bob’s understanding of the topic, experience and his unique approach helped us adopt Lean manufacturing and Lean management principles into a Service Industry and Software Development. Bob has also authored several practical and easy to read books on the topic that helped me and my team practice and adopt Lean management into our day to day operations. I would highly recommend Bob and plan to use his services in the future.” — Srini Koushik, SVP, Chief Technology Officer, and CIO Shared Applications, Nationwide Insurance

“Bob’s ideas, writing and speaking on the 8th waste and other critical aspects of effective Lean adoption have been and still are significant contributions to the field. His Shingo Prize winning book, Better Thinking, Better Results was what started our organization on our Lean Journey; his consultations, teaching us the principles and encouragement of our efforts kept us on track. He continues to be a thought leader in the field.” — Kent Stahl, CEO Hartford Medical Group

“I have worked with Bob over the past 3 years, specifically focused in the area of Lean education for executives. Bob is one of a few practitioners that understand that Lean is not a zero sum activity, and implementation must include a respect for people in order to be effective. Moreover, Bob has dedicated his practice to this study by understanding the related aspects of leadership. Bob’s message is clear, pointed, and like no other. Those who understand Bob’s message are those who understand real Lean.” — Michael Toussaint, Manager of Continuous Improvement & Industrial Engineering, Kaman Precision Products

“Listening to Bob Emiliani, it’s easy to understand that he has a long and practical experience in practicing, researching and teaching Lean. When you listen to his messages, they are so obvious that you are surprised to discover how few authors, teachers and consultants seem to understand them, even if they have worked with Lean for many years. He shows very clearly how many organizations focus on implementing tools and methodology to achieve Continuous Improvement just leading them to Fake Lean, forgetting the even more important principle of Respect for People, all the practical ways it influences the process and why they are basic for achieving Real Lean. Unlike many Lean teachers I have met, Bob is the one who “lives Lean” in his connection with people, not only preach it. He is an excellent speaker and an inspiration in the Lean process. I recommend listening to him, either you are at the start point of a Lean implementation, or you have worked for years with Lean.” — Jon Skogsfjord, Lean Manager at Norwegian State Railway (NSB)

“Bob is the best in explaining the challenge of how to succeed with continuous improvement and respect for people.” — Jonas Leo, M.D., Saint Göran Hospital

“Bob is one of the very few people working in academia who really understands what Lean is all about. His focus is on leadership and people, rather than shop floor tools and techniques. He has written a series of excellent books on the subject and helped us at the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff by inspiring participants at one of our recent Lean Conferences as well as our own team. I thoroughly recommend Bob to you.” — Peter Hines, Chairman, S A Partners & Senior Faculty at Shingo Institute, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, Utah State University

“I’ve known Bob for a decade or more and we’ve occasionally presented together at Lean-oriented events. Bob has an exceptionally deep understanding of the core values and concepts of Lean philosophy, in particular the human side. I’ve also found him to know and understand the historical context of Lean better than anyone – which combined with his academic background makes for the most meticulously researched papers and books I’ve read on the subject.” — Kevin Meyer, Co-Founder and Partner, Gemba Academy LLC

“Bob is one of Lean community’s forward thinkers, always expanding the knowledge base and teaching the rest of us along the way. I have especially benefited from the work Bob has done researching and advancing our collective thinking on how the Lean business model changes some of the core underlying economic principles. His impact on manufacturing has been substantial, and will continue to resonate for a long time to come.” Bill Waddell, Principal, Bill Waddell Manufacturing Leadership Support

“Bob is one of the few and unique people who have studied Lean from multiple angles and very deeply. He has been a Lean practitioner, consultant, researcher, historian, educator, and author. He is also directly engaged with other Lean thought leaders, and gives very deep thought and understanding to his ideas based on extensive research from all of these positions. Bob’s discussions and writings are on the cutting edge of thought, not only about Lean, but also business and economics. Bob is a true pioneer and his has been and continues to be thought-provoking and a key source to continued learning and positive change forward.” — Jim Huntzinger, President, Lean Frontiers LLC and author of Lean Cost Management

“The perspective and insight that Bob shares with us in the REAL LEAN series and Practical Lean Leadership is both unique and invaluable. Throughout my career and within all of the transformations I have led or been part of the nagging question of sustainment has come surfaced. Bob’s insight and perspective cuts through the typical ‘get what you measure’ and goes much deeper, particularly to the Leadership mindset change that is required for sustainment. I have personally gained additional perspective into helping Leadership change their mindset. The practical tools he introduces and explains have been well received and greatly appreciated by senior managers who have utilized them. I highly recommend Bob’s works, in addition if you ever get a chance for a breakfast to pick his brain, take it…the vast amount of topics he can articulate and speak on are countless and very enjoyable.” — Justin Tomac, Lean Strategy & Implementation Manager, Hallmark Cards Inc.

“Bob is a unique voice in the Lean world, as both an experienced practitioner and an academic. Bob brings passion and intellectual depth to his work and his writing. I always enjoy Bob’s books and I’m glad he is such a strong and well-reasoned voice in the Lean community.” — Mark Graban, Healthcare Consultant, Founder, and author of Healthcare Kazien.

“Bob Emiliani brings fresh thinking, especially to the cultural aspects of Lean. His Better Thinking, Better Results book is a true classic and his writing on Respect for People has shaped my thinking and accelerated sustainable results with our teams.” — Bill Zeeb, Senior Partner, infinitas SA