I would be most appreciative if those of you who have read my books would consider posting a short (two or three sentence) review on amazon.

Sharing what you have learned with others is a fundamental value among Lean people. Writing a review also gives you the opportunity to reflect on what you learned and influence others.

Reviews helps other potential readers in their research for information to satisfy a need and improves their ability to quickly sort conflicting information. Good reviews save people time and help them make good decisions.

Your short review could focus on one or more of the following:

  • Describe the value of what you read to improving your understanding or practice of Lean
  • Identify a few important things that your learned
  • Explain how the book is unique or different from other books
  • Identify original ideas or concepts and how they are useful
  • Relate the book to your personal experiences
  • Describe how readers will benefit from reading the book
  • Identify specific types of readers that would benefit most from reading the book
  • How the book helps overcome or reduce the prevalence of Fake Lean and other misunderstandings
  • Explain how it helped you correct problems

Thank you!

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