I started this Lean Leadership blog on 22 August 2013. My goal was to educate and bring the kinds of unique insights that are contained in my books to a wider audience. Hopefully, if someone likes my blog posts, they might also buy a few books. But, why should you learn from my books compared to other authors? Because:

keep-learningAs a result, I am fortunate to receive kind words about my work such as: “I am totally impressed by the breadth and depth of Bob’s knowledge and how clearly he communicates the truth about Lean in his blogs and writings. He is possibly the greatest leader of true Lean Thinking alive in the world today.” and “Bob is phenomenal when it comes to Lean insights.”

Of course, not everyone is so enamored with my writings, particularly those whose toes I gently step on (see the image at right, for example).

Why buy books on Lean when so much of Lean is about actual doing and getting your hands dirty? It is my deeply-held belief that books inspire people to think, innovate, and create. Books get your mind dirty with new ideas to try so that you will get your hands even more dirty.

And because learning is fundamental to improvement, you should always have a book at your side so that you continue your evolution in thinking and practice. I hope that you will choose my books, among the other good works that you read.

Here are the 25 most popular blog posts. I hope you enjoy them. 

The Back Story – Real vs. Fake Lean
The Future of Lean
Shifting Definitions of “Lean Thinking
Leadership Behaviors: The Path To Lean Culture (don’t forget to read the three posts that follow this one)
Defining “Respect for People
Eliminating the Six Criticisms of Lean
Toyota’s Secret
Worse Than Anyone Thought
Ohno’s Problem-Solving Methods
LEI/LEA Lean Transformation Model
Origin Of The Phrase “Kaizen Event
Nakao-san and Shingijutsu-Kaizen
Why Is Lean Important?
Lean Hypocrisy
Is Lean the Same as TPS?
Why No “Respect for People?
How Economics Disrespects People
Lead With Respect
The Language of Lean
Shingijutsu-Kaizen Conference: Day 1
Focus On Flow
My Favorite Quote
Lean’s Kiss Of Death
What Went Wrong?
The Most Important Thing

Finally, click here to read a recent blog post to understand what motivates me to help others learn and improve.

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