About the Company

The CLBM, LLC, a minority-owned business, is an applied research organization whose purpose is to advance REAL Lean thinking and practice world-wide. This is achieved principally through the sale of products such as books and visual controls, and services such as corporate speaking and training.

These separable activities inform my university teaching, research, and service work, and have been an essential part of continuous improvement in teaching and professional development since 1999. The CLBM, LLC does not provide consulting services. Read the Frequently Asked QuestionsNotices and Trademarks.

Dr. Emiliani has created the foundational body of knowledge for innovative leadership and includes the following accomplishments:

Dr. Emiliani has received five awards in recognition of his writings.


This policy statement reflects the basic way of thinking about Lean management. It should be adopted by all organizations that advocate or practice Lean management.

“In our efforts to advance Lean management, we recognize two long-standing, inviolate principles, ‘Continuous Improvement’ and ‘Respect for People.’ Fundamental aspects of the ‘Respect for People’ principle include assurance by top management that no employee will suffer unemployment as a result of continuous improvement and the establishment of a ‘no-blame’ policy. Stakeholders (e.g. employees, suppliers customers, investors, and communities) shall not be treated in zero-sum (win-lose) ways because doing so is inconsistent with Lean principles and practices.”